Since I’m apparently really into “asian”* cooking lately I am suddenly wondering why there aren’t more “asian” TV chefs. You know? With the popularity of that type of cooking don’t you feel like there should be a Paula Dean/Giada/Barefoot Contessa “asian” counterpart?

I should tell my friend L to polish up her Filipino cooking skillz and make an audition tape. I feel like there’s a lucrative hole in the market here…

ETA: Plus she’s already a teacher so she has that tone down.

*which I put into quotes because of course the word “asian” is a catchall for several different cultures and nationalities as well as, most likely, so-called asian cooking interpreted for the west. ANYWAY. You know what I mean.

Ming Tsai has shows on PBS but he doesn’t have the following that others do. Another PBS show I remember from a long time ago is Yan Can Cook (Martin Yan).

I also had (I loaned it to a friend when I was in California and never got it back) Grace Young’s first cookbook which has her family’s (mom, dad, uncles, aunts) recipes (The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen) and she has a couple others that she’s released. What I loved about that first cookbook was that she interspersed stories of why the recipes were made and loved by her family. She followed her mom and dad around to write down what they did because most of the recipes weren’t written down and she didn’t want to lose them.

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  4. yrfriendliz said: The lucky peach this month is all about Chinese cooking, and the recipes look awesome! I have never done much Asian cooking so I am kind of intimidated but you should check it out
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