Concerning that article snippet about phenylephrine going around:

1. The Yahoo article was from 2011 and the article it linked to with the concerns about the dosage was from 2006. 

2. The FDA held a hearing in December of 2007 to reevaluate the studies done on phenylephrine (many of which were in the 1960s and 70s). They found that the 10 mg dose was probably not effective while a consumer group (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) had a different take on the data and thought it was shown to be effective. The problem being that the data was collected using older methods and was measuring the metabolites, not the parent drug.

3. If the dose does get risen, medications that contain it have to go through testing (as the original 10 mg dose was allowed without testing back in the 70s). Testing costs money and the companies may be reluctant to do that (as people continue to buy the meds with the 10 mg dose).

4. The person who wrote that Yahoo article is indeed gross and her comments about drug users were terrible (as LP and Yoyomar have pointed out).

5. I probably did a shitty job summarizing that.

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