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So, I have been asked my several people for gift ideas for Outdoorsey folk


So that being said I will post some of my favorite brands, items that I own/use before the holidays. 

I cant say enough good things about Knives of Alaska. They are pretty $$$ but are made in America, made from the toughest steel available on the market and hold an edge better then any knife I have ever owned. This is one of those items that you will pass on to your kids.

Leatherman Wave

I own three Waves…. one lives in my jeep, one in my pack and one in my hunting pack. This is by far the handiest multi-tool I have ever owned. It was also the #1 selling multi-tool when I worked at Cabela’s. Plus they are all covered by a full warranty for 25 years but last much longer (the one in my car belonged to my grandfather)

Gregory Logo

All of my packs are Gregory. I have been through 5 day packs from them. Both my backpacking pack and my day back have been through hell and back and are still in great condition. When the zipper pulls broke on my pack last summer I had a replacement set from Gregory in the mail within a week.

RedRam wool base layers are the most comfortable and best all weather base layers I have ever owned. They are wool so they don’t give you that fucky small when you get sweaty and keep you warm in most weather. (I used to wear my to run in Colorado in 4 degree weather) and I wear the underwear year around. Love love love.

The Stanley ninteen13 all in one camp coffee mug. I use the shit out of this thing. The outer metal part comes off and is a camp cup perfect size for a pint/cocktail. Many gin and tonic has been had out of this thing. The inner plastic part keeps my coffee/tea warm for hours. I always like when I can combine so many necessary things into one… esp when backpacking.

I will post more as they come to I suppose….

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